Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone: 10 Samples

Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone. You should say:-

  • Who did you give the advice to?
  • What was the advice?
  • Why did you give the advice?
  • And explain how he/she followed your advice.

Sample 01:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

A few months ago, my younger brother, Tim, approached me, looking distraught and seeking guidance regarding his career path. He had recently graduated from university and was on the verge of accepting a job offer in a field that he wasn’t truly passionate about. He felt pressured because most of his peers were already employed, and he believed that taking this job was the logical next step. However, I could see the hesitancy in his eyes.

Recognizing his dilemma, I advised him to take a moment and reflect on what he genuinely wanted from his career. “Tim,” I said, “It’s essential to pursue a profession that aligns with your interests and values rather than simply following the crowd,” I emphasized that while immediate employment is tempting, long-term satisfaction is invaluable. Moreover, I reminded him of the countless stories we’ve heard of individuals who regretted not following their passions.

I offered this advice primarily because I had been in a similar position years ago. I chose a job that didn’t resonate with my aspirations, and although it paid well, I wasn’t content. Thus, drawing from personal experience, I felt it was crucial to guide Tim away from making a decision he might regret.

After our conversation, he took some time to introspect and eventually declined the job offer. Instead, he opted for an internship in a field he loved. Although it was a risk, he felt invigorated and motivated. Today, he’s working full-time in that industry and frequently expresses his gratitude for my advice. Through this experience, I realized the profound impact of genuine guidance on someone’s life.

Sample 2:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

Last year, one of my closest friends, Clara, was facing a major dilemma. She had been offered a scholarship to study abroad but was hesitant due to fears of leaving her family and adjusting to a new culture. While she was excited about the opportunity, the thought of being away from home for so long was daunting.

One evening, she shared her concerns with me over a cup of tea. Listening intently, I remembered a quote that had once inspired me: “Growth happens outside of our comfort zones.” Sharing this with her, I advised Clara to embrace the opportunity and see it as a chance for personal and academic growth. I told her, “Years from now, you might regret the chances you didn’t take more than the ones you did.”

I gave this advice because, in my own life, I had let go of a similar opportunity due to fear. Regretfully, I often pondered what might have been. I didn’t want Clara to face the same remorse.

Inspired by our conversation, Clara decided to accept the scholarship. Though the initial months were challenging, she gradually adapted, making friends and excelling in her studies. Today, she often writes to me, sharing her experiences, adventures, and how grateful she is for the nudge I gave her in the right direction. Through her journey, I’ve been reminded of the power of encouragement and how a few words can sometimes shape someone’s destiny.

Sample 3:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

My cousin Ravi was at a crossroads in his life a couple of years ago. Fresh out of college in Delhi, he was swayed by the allure of corporate jobs with high salaries that many of his peers were chasing. He came to me one evening, his face etched with confusion, as he contemplated joining a multinational company, even though his heart was set on starting an organic farming venture in our ancestral village.

Sitting on the terrace, under the starry Indian sky, I told him, “Ravi, remember the stories Dadi used to tell us about how our forefathers were proud farmers?” I advised him to follow his heart and reconnect with our roots. “While the city offers financial security, the village offers contentment and a chance to make a real difference,” I pointed out. With its rich agricultural heritage, India needed young minds like his to revolutionize sustainable farming.

I gave this advice because I had seen many friends lose themselves in the urban rat race, only to feel a void within. I believe Ravi had a chance to blend modern techniques with traditional wisdom, bringing about a green revolution of sorts.

Taking my advice to heart, Ravi ventured into organic farming. Today, he not only cultivates crops but also conducts workshops for young enthusiasts, teaching them about the importance of sustainable agriculture in India. Every harvest season, he sends me a box of fresh produce as a token of gratitude, and I can’t help but feel proud of the path he chose.

Sample 4:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

A few years ago, my dear friend Sunita, who hails from the picturesque city of Pokhara in Nepal, faced a significant decision. She had been working in Kathmandu for a reputable NGO but felt a longing to contribute more directly to her community. Over a cup of traditional Nepali tea, she expressed her desire to return to Pokhara and launch a program for underprivileged children, but she was apprehensive about leaving her stable job.

Gazing out at the majestic Himalayan range from her window, I advised her, “Sunita, think of the mountains. They stand tall and firm because they are rooted in their place of origin. Perhaps it’s time for you to root yourself in what truly matters to you.” I suggested that she utilise her Kathmandu experience and bring about real change in her hometown. I told her, “Nepal thrives on the spirit of its people. If you believe in your cause, the community will rally behind you.”

The reason behind my advice was my own experience of witnessing countless individuals find fulfilment when they align their careers with their passions. With its rich cultural tapestry and sense of community, Nepal offers a unique platform for grassroots initiatives.

Heeding my advice, Sunita made her move to Pokhara. Today, she runs a successful community centre providing numerous children with education and vocational training. Every year during Dashain, I receive heartfelt letters from the children she supports, and it warms my heart to see the ripple effect of one person’s commitment.

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Sample 5:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

During a warm summer evening in Bangalore, I sat down with my niece, Aishwarya, who was grappling with a significant life choice. Having recently graduated from an engineering college, she was inundated with job offers from IT companies, a typical path for many in the city. However, her passion was in the field of environmental science, inspired by her trips to the Western Ghats and the alarming rate of deforestation she had witnessed.

Amidst the din of evening traffic, I advised her, “Aishwarya, India is at a crucial juncture. While we’re advancing technologically, our environment is at risk. You have the power to bridge this gap.” I suggested that she consider pursuing further studies in environmental science and contribute to sustainable development in India. I told her, “Sometimes, the road less travelled makes all the difference, especially in a vast country like ours.”

I imparted this advice drawing from my own experiences. I had witnessed many friends dive into professions without passion, only to feel unfulfilled years later. With its diverse challenges and opportunities, India needed young visionaries willing to tread unconventional paths.

Taking my words to heart, Aishwarya enrolled in a postgraduate program in environmental science in Delhi. Today, she collaborates with governmental agencies and NGOs on urban sustainability projects. Whenever I visit the rejuvenated parks and green spaces in Bangalore, I’m reminded of our conversation and the impact of following one’s heart, especially in India’s diverse tapestry.

Sample 6:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

It was during a cool, breezy evening in Lahore that I met my young neighbour, Asim, who seemed deeply engrossed in his thoughts. Having known him since he was a child, I could sense his anxiety. He recently graduated from a renowned university in Karachi and contemplated a lucrative job in the bustling metropolis. However, his heart yearned to return to our hometown and revive the age-old craft of traditional Pakistani handlooms, which was dwindling.

Over a cup of aromatic chai, I said to him, “Asim, Pakistan’s heritage is enriched by its crafts. The urban allure is enticing, but remember, real change often starts at the grassroots.” I advised him to consider channelling his modern education into reviving and modernizing our local crafts, thereby preserving a piece of our culture. “In this vast land of traditions and tales,” I mused, “sometimes the stories woven in threads speak louder than words.”

My advice stemmed from witnessing many artisans struggle to keep their crafts alive amidst modern industrialization. With its rich tapestry of history and art, Pakistan needed the energy of its youth to keep its traditions alive.

Inspired, Asim chose to stay in Lahore. Today, he runs a successful enterprise that produces handlooms and trains the younger generation in the art, blending tradition with innovation. Every Eid, when I see the vibrant tapestries adorning the local bazaar, I’m filled with pride, knowing that our heritage finds its voice in the hands of dedicated souls like Asim.

Sample 7:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

One chilly winter morning in Amritsar, as the Golden Temple shimmered in the first rays of sunlight, I found myself in conversation with Harpreet, a close family friend’s son. Harpreet had just completed his studies in agricultural science but was considering a shift to the IT sector, lured by its modern appeal and promises of a lucrative career. However, deep down, he wanted to use his education to modernize farming techniques in Punjab, the breadbasket of India.

Sipping our lassi, a traditional Punjabi drink, I told him, “Harpreet, Punjab’s fertile land has fed millions for centuries. While the tech world offers opportunities, remember where your roots lie.” I advised him to consider leveraging technology to enhance agricultural productivity in our region. “Punjab,” I added, “needs its educated sons and daughters to usher in a green revolution for the modern age.”

I offered this advice because I had seen countless farmers in our state grapple with outdated methods and diminishing yields. With its legacy of being an agricultural powerhouse, Punjab deserved innovative solutions from its younger generation.

Inspired by our conversation, Harpreet collaborated with tech experts to develop a mobile app offering advice on crop rotation, soil health, and sustainable farming practices. Today, he conducts workshops across villages in Punjab, teaching farmers how to integrate technology with farming. During the harvest festivals, when I see the joy on the faces of our farmers, I am reminded of the profound impact of blending tradition with innovation.

Sample 8:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

On a crisp morning in Shimla, I met my young cousin, Priya, amidst the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. She had recently completed her hospitality degree and was on the cusp of joining a luxurious hotel chain in Mumbai. However, she confessed a longing to promote eco-tourism in our home state of Himachal Pradesh, known for its pristine beauty and rich cultural heritage.

While we strolled along the Mall Road, I said to her, “Priya, the world is gradually moving towards sustainable travel. Himachal, with its untouched landscapes and traditional hamlets, has the potential to be a beacon of ecotourism.” I advised her to consider setting up a venture offering travellers authentic Himachali experiences, from local homestays to treks celebrating the region’s biodiversity. “Himachal’s charm lies in its simplicity,” I mused, “and there’s a growing tribe of travellers seeking such genuine experiences.”

My counsel was rooted in witnessing the detrimental effects of unchecked tourism in other parts of the country. I believed Himachal deserved a conscious approach that protected its environment and empowered its local communities.

Taking my advice to heart, Priya established a sustainable tourism startup. Today, she collaborates with local artisans, farmers, and guides, offering curated experiences to travellers. Her venture not only boosts the local economy but also educates visitors about the importance of responsible tourism. Every time I hear tales of travellers leaving Himachal with a deeper appreciation for its culture and nature, I’m reminded of the power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Sample 9:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

During the vibrant festivities of Diwali in Mumbai, amidst the sparkling lights and bustling streets, I caught up with an old college friend, Rohan. Freshly graduated with a degree in architecture, he was offered a position with a prominent firm in New York. Yet, he confessed his deep-rooted desire to rejuvenate traditional Indian architecture, particularly in the rural regions that often get overshadowed by urban development.

As we watched the fireworks light up the night sky, I advised him, “Rohan, India’s architectural heritage is vast and diverse, spanning from the intricacies of Mughal designs to the grandeur of South Indian temples.” I suggested that he could bridge his modern architectural training with India’s traditional design philosophies. “Our country,” I emphasized, “stands at a juncture where the past can beautifully meld with the present, creating something truly unique.”

My counsel stemmed from my own experiences of travelling across India and witnessing ancient structures in a state of neglect. I believe that with Rohan’s skills and passion, he could play a role in preserving and modernizing our architectural legacy.

Inspired by our discussion, Rohan founded an architectural collective that collaborates with local craftsmen to restore and modernize historical sites across India. Today, he’s actively involved in projects that breathe new life into ancient edifices and provide employment opportunities to local communities. Each time I visit a restored site, I marvel at the blend of old-world charm and contemporary design, reflecting the essence of modern India.

Sample 10:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

One tranquil evening in Galle, as the Indian Ocean waves lapped gently against the fort’s walls, I deeply conversed with my nephew, Lakshan. Having earned his marine biology degree, he was contemplating job offers from research institutes in Europe. Yet, a part of him was eager to address the pressing environmental challenges facing Sri Lanka’s coastal ecosystems.

With the rhythmic sound of the sea as our backdrop, I told him, “Lakshan, Sri Lanka, our ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean,’ has a marine biodiversity that’s both rich and vulnerable.” I advised him to consider dedicating his expertise to local conservation efforts. “Our island,” I emphasized, “is at a pivotal point where the balance of development and conservation teeters. Your expertise could tip the scales in favour of our natural heritage.”

My advice was born out of witnessing the rapid changes to our coastal regions, where the delicate balance of nature was often compromised. I felt that Lakshan, with his education and passion, could make a tangible difference.

Motivated by our talk, Lakshan collaborated with local environmental NGOs and initiated a coral reef restoration project along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Today, he leads a team of dedicated individuals who work on conservation and educate local communities about sustainable fishing and marine conservation. Whenever I walk along the rejuvenated beaches, witnessing vibrant marine life and aware locals, I’m filled with hope for Sri Lanka’s environmental future.

Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone: 10 Samples

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